Wednesday, July 31, 2013


Tomorrow is August. 

Nothing exciting typically about the start of a month but August is usually a big month. This August... Well... It is pretty significant. 

It is the beginning...
... Of my 8th year of teaching. Time has flown by!
... Of my job at a new school.
... Of meeting 120+ new students and meeting 120+ new co-workers. 
... Of teaching my first online and my first college math course!
... Of forging new paths with new friends and new experiences!
... Of my sister's incredible, God organized career and address change to the other side of the world. 
... Of re-establishing who I am as a teacher with new colleagues, students and administration. 
... Of learning to connect well with close friends and my sister that are now far away in proximity. 
... Of some of my favorite students' journey into adulthood as they head of to college! (I'm so privileged to know and have taught some incredible students in the SEHS Class of '13!)
... Of 2 digit numbers on our adoption wait list number. 
... Of my final year of my 20s... I'm excited to fully embrace being 29 and ending my 20s well in the next year!

It is the end...
... Of my summer.
... Of an era, where my first place of employment at my first "real" job ends. 
... Of working 7 years just around the corner from my sister. 
... Of working with people and students who knew me for me and respected me. 
... Of seeing dear friends and my sister on a daily basis!
... Of 3 digit numbers for our adoptions wait list number! (Really hoping here!)

August is going to bring about some pretty big changes in what has been normal and comfortable or me but I know all these changes are for the good for what God has for me as well as others in my life!

Let this whirlwind of a month begin! Bring on August. There is no turning back no!