Sunday, April 7, 2013

Miss Mustard Seed Milkpaint class from Abbé Doll

Yesterday I took my very first furniture painting & repurposing class from Abbé Doll.

I took a wooden chair that we got from my Grandpa Call's farmhouse.

I first painted it with French Enamel Blue. I used hemp oil so that the top coat would resist and create a chippy and worn look. I then applied the top coat of Luckette green.

We let the chair dry outside as well as used a hair dryer in some places. We then used a power sander to buff off some of the chipping paint as well as reveal some of the wood.

I finished it by brushing on a thin coat of furniture wax!

I had a blast learning from Abbé and hope to conquer a dresser soon!

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Adoption Funding

As our dossier is being shipped across the country to be "authenticated" which is the last step before it will be sent to Ethiopia, we have begun to look into options to fund our adoption so we can continue this process, by God's grace, without debt.

There are two ways you can all help us in this endeavor.

If you love coffee as much as my husband does, you can order coffee from Just Love Coffee and a % of your coffee purchase will go toward our adoption. Just click here!

The second way is for any of you who order from Amazon. If you will click this link and order through the window that opens, a % of your purchase will go toward our adoption!

So read lots of books and drink lots of coffee!!! Thanks!