Friday, March 22, 2013


If you have noticed the background of this blog, you can surely tell that I LOVE the chevron pattern!

My mom asked me the other day if I knew a theme or how I wanted to decorate a kids room. I have some ideas floating around, but do not feel I can settle one a decorating scheme (I like this wording better than theme!) until we know the age and gender of the kid/kiddos who will be joining our family sometime in the year 2014 (hopefully)!

One thing I do know for sure... is that CHEVRON will make it's appearance in this room and this video has me inspired!

Anyone want to help me out??

I love the idea of one line of the chevron continuning around the whole room while just having one wall of the room being the full chevron pattern.

I am planning to do more a two tone pattern similar to these pics below. I'm not quite bold enough to do the rainbow scheme shown in the video. I am interested in anyone's opinion if I should do a steep pattern like the middle picture or a pattern that isn't as steep like the top and bottom picture. Please feel free to offer me your advice/opinion!

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