Sunday, January 17, 2016

Nine Months

Nine months ago, April17, we got the call that has forever changed our lives.

Today we finally got to meet the sweet boys whose pictures we have looked at for the last nine months, whose names and faces we have remembered daily and prayed for, who are the children God saw it fit to give us the privilege to be their parents.

Many well-intentioned people have said to us over these last nine months, "oh those boys are so lucky to get you guys as parents." While we understand the intention of this statement is to encourage us that we will be good parents, we would also want you to pause and consider that very little in their life has been what most would consider lucky. Though we aren't publicly sharing their story before they joined our family, I can promise you that their lives have seen little "luck".

I had many fears and worries about how today would go. As many of you know my type-A personality causes me to play "worse-case-scenario" far too often. Throw on top of that the many hours of training we have done throughout this process to help prepare us for any case possible, it wasn't hard to plan for the "worst" so to speak but oh how I prayed and hoped for the best.

God knew my fears and worries and he thankfully made the path straight and smooth once again. The orphanage they are at in Addis is not large so once they opened the gate, we immediately saw most of the older kids outside playing in the small yard and quickly identified the twins! In most cases, you and your spouse go to an office/waiting area type and they bring your child in. I honestly was kind of dreading this scenario because of the anxiousness of it. We didn't officially "meet" the boys outside, but we at least saw them and for me, it washed away so many of my fears and worries.

We spent time in a small lobby area with the twins. They were very cautious and quiet initially. Praise the Lord for small cars, bouncy balls, a blow up mini beach ball and BUBBLES! Even though the boys understood little of what we said, we got to sit and play with them for two hours. The bubbles were a hit, not only with the twins, but all the children running around outside. They quickly warmed up to us as we bounced balls back and forth, crashed cars into each other, blew bubbles all over the place and showed them pictures of family and our home!

Funny side story, I had put a picture of each of the boys on the outside of each photo album so the orphanage could easily identify that it was theirs if other kids were looking at it. At one point, one of the boys was handing his photo book to his brother as he didn't recognize himself! (yes they are identical, well from what we can tell anyway) but they also don't see pictures of themselves very often.

We will go back to spend time with the boys again tomorrow and then on Tuesday go to court to consent to the adoption! Thanks for your prayers and encouragement! These boys are so well by loved by so many!


  1. Beautiful story, faithful God. Praising Him with you.

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  3. Can't wait to see you guys over there in a few short days! Praying for your court visit!

  4. Feeling thankful and continuing to pray for all of you!!

  5. Tears of joy I share with you!! Praise God!!